Ideal   4

Max   6

The German manufactured Knaus motorhomes remain a leader in terms of style and flair. The striking designs and modern graphics of the company’s motorhomes have long marked out Knaus as a brand with a clear grip on contemporary tastes.

This fantastic motorhome has cab air conditioning and has automatic transmission .The bottom bunk bed can also be folded up to create a large garage that can be accessed from either a large external door or from inside.

The Sport Traveller’s exterior has a jaunty, sporty appearance. At the tail end of the motorhome, twin rear windows (one for each bunk) and a factory-fitted cycle rack help create a vibrant feel.

The Renault cab appears modern and purposeful.

Taken as a whole, it makes you want to surf, cycle, kayak and bungee your way across the global playground. The large door to the under-bunk storage area begs to spew forth wet suits, walking boots and sports gear.